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Briarvillage Business Listings

The Briarvillage Business listing is a place where residents of the neighborhood can list their business or services in hopes of attracting business from viewers of this site. 

This page can be viewed by members of this site and web surfers passing through.  The site generates almost 50,000 hits a month.  We hope that viewers will give a neighbor a try first before shopping somewhere else, so let people know about your business and list it here!

Any resident can list their business here.  The cost is $25 per calendar year for business owners that reside in BV and $50 for business owners that do not reside in the neighborhood, even if you sign up in November or December, the renewal date is January 1 of every year and there are no pro-rated rates.

Getting started is easy, get your information together of what you would like to list and send it to admin@briarvillage.com

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