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New Website Design input

Ready to bring in the new year with a new look for our digital neighborhood home?  This spring we would like to update the look of the website.  We know there are many of you that have a talent for graphic design so thought it might be a great opportunity to involve everyone in the process.  We would like to ask for any graphic designers or those who love to dabble in graphics within the neighborhood to submit a design idea for the “header” of our site.  Our web providers will then work from this to format the rest of the site around this image.  The banner image needs to be similar in size to the below:

780X92 pixels but can be up to 980X200 pixels

The site does have a night time theme as well however just the primary image above would be needed but you are welcome to have a night time graphic as well.  If you have a whole design more than just the banner then it will be reviewed to see if it can be worked in.

We would like to try a new color combination to compliment our new monument signs:

If you have any questions, please contact Tina at HPC (tina@hpcpro.com) for design specifics.

Please submit your design ideas by Feburary 28, 2012 to newdesign@briarvillage.com.  A poll will then be put up for full neighborhood input on the new design choice.

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