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Things to do close to home....


Do you know of other things to do around the house (within 10 minutes) that you think others would enjoy?  

Do you have another idea that you would like to see, perhaps restaurant recommendations and reviews?

E-mail your ideas.


Pets-A-Plenty Ultimate Reptile Shop
Just opened a new "Green Room".  Dozens of species of Venomous and Non-Venomous Reptiles and Amphibians from around the world to view up close!  It is a $2 entry fee per person for a guided tour.  Available for individuals, groups or even birthday parties.  Located at the corner of Bellaire and Hwy 6.

Laser Quest 
Just across the street.  Great for kids and adults alike.  Great for individuals or groups.  

Windchimes Movie Theater 
The movie theater at Westheimer and Synott has opened back up as a $1 movies.  Nice.  Very nice.  Inexpensive.  The movies are not New Releases, but that is OK.  For only $1.00 (and popcorn money) you can see a movie  for cheaper than Blockbusters!  The phone number for movies, and times is (281) 920-9900.

Alamo Drafthouse 
Across the street at West Oaks mall.  It took the place of the old theater that used to be there.  Offers a full menu along with wait service so there is no need to miss some of the movie going to get popcorn and drinks.  Concept is dinner and a movie.  Every other row of seats has been taken out and replaced with a table.  Take a look, it is great!!  Movie, dinner and two alcohol drinks under $50 including tip!!  

Terry Hershey Park 
Great for walks with the family, biking, roller blading and running.  Trails of all different lengths.  Playground for the kids and you can even see some wildlife (turtles, birds, and who knows what else).  Located on Memorial Drive between Hwy 6 and Eldridge (or a second entrance on the Katy Fwy Feeder - but not as easy to get in and out of). 

Hike and Bike Trail
Starts at Hwy 6 by the Army Corps of Engineers spillway (almost to Memorial).  You can park here and take the paved trail all the way to Wilcrest without crossing any streets.  The trail goes underneath Eldridge, Diary Ashford, Kirkwood, so you don't cross any streets.  There is also a cut off that goes underneath Memorial to Terry Hersey Park and then loops back under on the other side of the bayou.  This trail for the most part follows the water coming off the spillway.  Great views in the Fall.  There is also off road trails called the "Ant Trail" that follows the bayou for the adventurous. Many side trails off this offroad trail.

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